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Joining Haigo means becoming hyper-autonomous and responsible in our core expertises, working on projects that make a lasting and positive difference to our clients.


[October 2015]

                 Guewen , Nicolas and Patrick sketched out the foundations of a liberated company, where the employee and user are at the center, with the mission of rapidly launching useful solutions to real problems.
Haigo was born.


           "The company we' d like to work for."



            We are 25 experts in Design, Product and Program Management, based in Paris. From Junior to Lead, each of us contributes to the growth of Haigo.


Joining Haigo means helping major companies launch ambitious projects that move them in the right direction, helping startups make a greater impact, and helping public administrations better serve the general interest.

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Our culture?
it deserves its own book

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Transparency first and foremost

If everyone has access to information without barriers, conversations are much more interesting. The salary range is public, as are the figures (including cash flow), and every Thursday, during the All Hands, we talk about everything.


Feedback is a gift

We can all do better, so we tell each other things. 360 meetings every 15 days, or feedback forms between peers and with clients every six months, enable us to develop our strengths and work on our weaknesses.


Do it with trust

It's given by default, because what really counts is getting the job done. No validation process for holidays, working hours or location.


Haigodays [2022]

Twice a year, Haigo rents out a large house from Wednesday evening to Friday evening to take a step back and talk about the future.

At Haigo, we think of your perks


In 2022, it was Haigo's 7th birthday.


               Joining Haigo means joining an international collective. A member of the Kyu collective since 2020, we work alongside Sid Lee, IDEO and Public Digital, enabling us to mobilize expertise around the world and expand rapidly.


@Les Crayons Solidaires, 2022 edition.

We want to serve
the common good

We therefore try to orient our project decisions in this direction, or to educate our students on these subjects, with the Business for Good Challenge at HEC Paris for example.


We calculate our carbon footprint and work to reduce it.

6.7 tonnes

CO2 emissions saved since 2020.


Each haigonaut can devote 5 days a year to pro-bono CSR missions.

11 000€

of donations collected for Restos du Coeur in 2021 thanks to Crayons Solidaires.


Selma was able to create and launch the Parental Challenge.


companies have signed up to the Parental Challenge.

are recruiting!

We're recruiting!

A few tips before you apply?
- Take the time to explain why you think we could do great and useful things together
- Share with us the projects and results you're proud of, they're more valuable to us than your studies or previous jobs
- Ask us questions and come prepared, the exchange will be all the better for it.
A podcast to learn everything
In April 2023, Guewen shared lots of useful information to help you understand and join us.
Haigo is growing, and we're looking for people who'd like to join us in creating the company they'd like to work for.
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