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experience for your customers

Create new
products faster
Create a consistent brand at scale
Create an efficient
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At Haigo, we help our clients focus on what really matters: their customers, their employees and their business. Together we can build viable products, services and experiences.

Uncovering challenges by asking the right questions, finding the actual problems to solve, crafting concrete solutions and bringing them to life quickly. That’s what we love doing since 2015!   

Our expertise: from strategy toimplementation

To design solutions in line with real world needs
Discover our approach to User Research
To create useful, high-performing and viable business apps, websites or tools.
Discover our approach to Product Design
To imagine the customer and employee experiences of tomorrow.
Discover our approach to Service Design
To become a more efficient and flexible organization.
Discover our approach to organization design and training
To achieve your long-term objectives, onboarding your teams every step of the way.  
Discover our approach to strategic project management
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An international network of talents

As part of the Sid Lee group within Kyu (IDEO, Public Digital, SYPartners, Kepler, etc.), we can mobilize complementary expertise anywhere in the world, depending on your needs.


At the moment, we're working with major groups, startups, government agencies, schools and SMEs like ADMR, Atol, AXA, Bridge, Celine, Deezer, Ecofi, Edenred, Engie, Hachette Livres, Institut Pasteur, Ledger, L'Oréal, LVMH, Médiamétrie, Nike, Orange, Peugeot, RATP, Saur, TAG Heuer, ZeroG.... And 30+ others since 2015.

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