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We help you improve your productivity by optimizing the ways in which your organization works, thus ensuring your company's long-term performance.

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We give your teams the keys to meaningful work


Why does it matter?

Your employees expect more from their work. We bring them closer to their end-users, so they can better assess the impact of their actions, giving meaning to their daily lives and increasing their engagement.


How do we do it?

We create and align multi-disciplinary teams around their users. We create the conditions for them to dare and act with the right level of autonomy and trust from their decision-makers.


The Haigo touch

We are aware of a form of "consulting fatigue" in companies. That's why we believe in concrete projects as catalysts for change. To this end, we mobilize and train your in-house talents so that they can become autonomous in our methodologies and achieve their objectives without us.


            Make your work processes clearer, smoother and faster.


Did you know? A third of haigonauts teach and coach students in schools!


We helped them Transform their organizations


What our clients say 


The Haigo team is extremely responsive, and helped us ask the right questions, while constantly integrating our feedback into a complex, multi-month project. Thank you Haigo for all your hard work!

Christelle Le Damany

Chief Operating Officer at Studi

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