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Our obsession: going beyond the prototype stage


Why does it matter?

Too many good ideas don't make it through to execution. We know that a prototype is worth a thousand words, and that the ability to deliver is decisive for your customers.


How do we do it?

We've got you all covered. From vision to execution, from prioritizing your roadmap to going live, we help you design, improve or launch digital products.


The Haigo touch

We stay with you to make sure your technical teams have everything they need to do their jobs well, overseeing production down to the last pixel.


            Turn your ideas into business-impacting interfaces!


We manage and supervise your projects to keep your teams motivated and committed throughout.


We've implemented Product Design for them


What our clients say 


At a key moment for our industry, and therefore for Ledger, Haigo won us over with their understanding of the challenges facing our ecosystem, as well as the expectations of the general public. Beyond the quality of the design, it was also their way of working, in line with the high standards and pragmatism of a startup like ours, that made the difference."

Benoit Pellevoisin

VP Marketing Ledger

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