Strategic Project Management

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Regain control of your complex projects and prioritize your actions by involving your teams at every stage.

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Collaborative team work
to deliver on your strategic priorities


Why does it matter?

Major strategic ambitions often lead to complex projects, requiring the creation of cross-functional teams. We reduce the friction associated with these sometimes unprecedented collaborations.


How do we do it?

We align your stakeholders and define with your customers a vision of success based on a concrete prototype. The best way to materialize and achieve your long-term objectives, with your teams on board every step of the way.


The Haigo touch

We reformulate your strategic milestones into the reactions you want to elicit in your target audience. So you can iterate quickly and motivate your teams at every stage of a long project.


Plan, prioritize, execute!


We spend as much time developing a vision as we do defining the conditions for success that need to be in place to make it a reality.


We set up Project Management in their offices


What our clients say 

" is the best thing that has happened to AXA for quite some time. It's the closest we come to a global community and up to date timelines!

Pascal R.

UX Lead AXA Hong Kong

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