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Business Discovery

Maximize your chances of success by involving your internal and external stakeholders right from the design phase. The key to viability and feasibility lies in mobilizing your ecosystem.


Product Discovery

Take a fresh look at your products and analyze their performance. We'll help you get rid of preconceived ideas about your users as early as possible, so you can create products and services that really suit their needs.


User Testing

Nothing beats the spontaneity and authenticity of a first discovery. We create the right conditions to offer your target audience a prototype so that you can iterate on an idea or concept as quickly as possible.


                Save time and make your projects more relevant at every stage!


According to a study by Forrester Research, for every €1 invested in User Research, the return on investment is around €100.


We've implemented User Research for them


What our clients say 


Haigo has helped us to change our mindset at Salomon: we're now thinking first and foremost of consumers, rather than anchoring ourselves in technical solutions.

Anthony Gautier

Marketing Manager at Salomon

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