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We know that
keeping things simple isn't always easy.


Why service design?

The multiplication of touchpoints with your customers makes their journey and their interactions with you increasingly complex. Service design helps you visualize these journeys and prioritize impactful actions.


How do we do it?

We imagine your experiences from an omnichannel point of view, think up your high value-added services and connect your contact points seamlessly, for lasting relationships.


The Haigo touch

Our service design deliverables are not limited to presenting a target vision. They're always actionable, and our do-it-yourself culture means we can quickly imagine and implement a Minimum Viable Service to test our hypotheses.


            Create a dialogue between the experiences you offer your customers!


Depending on the project, we surround ourselves with complementary skills (lean experts, architects, technical experts) so that we have a multidisciplinary eye on your challenges.


We've done Service Design with them


What our clients say 


Thanks to the team for making the creation of the new office experience as smooth as possible for all of us, and the landing as smooth as possible. Thank you for the smooth transition from 100% remote working to returning to the office, balancing the aspirations of some with the desires of others, and even the fears of meeting the post-pandemic crowd again.

Anonymous contributor

Air Liquide

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